Booklet printing

We invite entrepreneurs who want to supplement the promotional campaigns with the presentation of the offer in the form of advertising brochures. Well-designed and made materials are showcase of your activities. This is one of the specialties of the Skleniarz printing house, so if you plan to invest in brochures, read the characteristics of our services.

Offer for enterprises

The advertising campaign should be primarily coherent, which is why we carefully select paper, format and finishing brochures for the company's products and services. We are able to guarantee the original design and workmanship to every customer. We enable the use of many methods of refining publications. When making suggestions, we remember that the effectiveness of the brochure depends on:
● setting a goal to achieve;
● precise definition of the target audience;
● adjusting the graphic concept to trends.

We select appropriate technologies that not only allow you to obtain the highest quality of print, but also are environmentally friendly and reduce the negative impact on the environment. We execute orders in a short time and we deliver cheaply to the indicated addresses throughout the country.

How brochures help in business

If you are wondering whether printed advertising material helps in acquiring new customers, we have several arguments that will dispel your doubts.

❖ Brochures show the company's history and achievements, which helps build a professional and credible image in the eyes of a potential customer.
❖ Internet users are becoming more aware and also tired of spam. They don't trust the ads they come across online, and print media inspires more confidence in the brand.

The aesthetics of colors, fonts and image types strengthens company recognition and encourages the sharing of brochures in the form of digital reproduction.
Reading printed materials is much more engaging than reading content on websites, which is often overlooked and quickly forgotten.
❖ Brochures present services or products in a condensed and transparent way and help to reach groups of consumers who do not visit your website or social media channels.

Printing still pays off in the digital world and it's not worth neglecting this medium in marketing communication - it's a universal language of advertising. Unique brochures are a very good way to stand out from the competition and arouse lasting customer interest.

We print booklet for clients from cities such as London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Manchester, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Bristol, Cardiff.