Foil Embossing

Foil embossing - an effective method of ennobled printing

Making decorations is an important part of a printer's work. It is because of them publications gain unique, distinctive and eye-catching character. It is said not to judge a book by its cover but nowadays it would be impossible to promote a product that does not look attractive in customers’ eyes. In the Skleniarz printing house we care not only about the quality of print, the ink and paper weight - we pay attention to overall print quality which is maintained on the highest level. Read about techniques that we use!


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Foil embossing - what is it?

Modern book covers are associated with minimalism. They are not covered in fancy decorations, usually it is a simple, economical in form design. Therefore, in order to stand out on the modern publishing market, it is worth deciding on unusual decorations that will refine our publication and make it outstanding. One of the most impressive printing refinement techniques is embossing which depends on creating a three-dimensional pattern on a leather, paper or synthetic material.

Such embossing can be concave or convex - depending on what effect we want to achieve- a matrix or counter die is used. This procedure is designed to highlight the previously printed pattern - inscription or ornament.

This type of decoration gives the impression of luxury- a business card or a company notebook made in this way is associated with the segment of premium services. It allows to highlight details and attract attention effectively for example by encouraging to taking a business card. It also works well with packaging, giving it an interesting texture and noble look. In addition to traditional embossing, we also offer film embossing in Birmingham.

Foil embossing in Leeds

There is no doubt that foil embossing is an impressive way to decorate the books cover. Shining letters and ornaments for sure will attach clients eye and are a remarkable decoration that gives the publication a unique character. If the ornaments are printed flat, then it is a popular gilding.

This type of decoration is simple, but it gives a remarkable, solemn character. However, if we need a more exclusive look, we can offer you embossing with foil in Glasgow. This method combines gilding and embossing, giving you an extremely elegant, eye-catching look. We use the highest quality film to achieve an interesting and lasting effect. Sheffield film embossing is a method that allows you to attract the attention of your potential customers and make them think positively of the product from the so-called upper shelf.

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We can use any colour of the film to achieve a consistent graphic effect. A new feature of film embossing in Manchester is the use of holographic foils that reflect light so that it shimmers with all colours of the rainbow.

This type of decoration will work well if we want to emphasize the modern, avant-garde character of a given company or publication. It is an ideal solution if our services are addressed to young recipients. If, on the other hand, we care about a professional, classic look, it is worth betting on foil embossing in Edinburgh in gold or silver, which look noble and serious.

Foil embossing in Liverpoolu - when it works?

Due to foil stamping in Bristol you can achieve extremely interesting and diverse effects, so this method is extremely versatile and works well for various types of publications. Foil embossing in Cardiff is perfect for decorating leather and leather-like calendars and notebooks - it gives them an elegant, unique look. This type of embossing works especially well in the wedding industry. Invitations, vignettes, or greeting cards made with this method perfectly fit into the festive, wedding atmosphere.

The foil stamping method works equally well for book publications - glossy, embossed letters perfectly emphasize the character of publications such as lexicons, dictionaries or encyclopedias.