Full colours printing

Full colours printing

Printing industry may seems incomprehensible to those who are not familiar with the subject. Names of printing technicians or machines have a specific meaning only for people closely related to the industry. If you are about to use printing services, it is worth getting to know the basic concepts to decide which services are worth the price and what results you should expect.


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CMYK - What is it?

It is difficult to explain what full-colour printing in London is without defining perhaps the most basic term in printing, CMYK. CMYK stands for colour model, consisting of four basic colours of printing ink. The name comes from the first letters of its colour names; cyan, magneta, yelllow and key colour.

The remaining colours are obtained by combining CMYK colours, in proportions from 0% to 100%. They are precisely defined by the percentage of primary colours used. However, it is worth remembering that all kinds of monitors use RGB colour palette - that is why the printout will never be identical to what we see on the monitor screen.

With the SMYK palette you can get thousands of colors, but you will not obtain all the colors found in nature.
An interesting fact is that when printing in full colour in Bristol it is possible to add an additional colour to the CMYK palette, the so-called special colour - for example silver or gold.

How does printing in CMYK looks like?

This pallet can be used for various types of printing, including full colour printing in Brimingham. How does it look from a technical perspective?


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The CMYK palette is used for so-called raster printing - tiny dots are printed with 100% colour saturation. They are small enough that you can only see them under a magnifying glass. The printing surface is saturated with points of a given colour to a greater or lesser extent, thus obtaining specific percentages of a given CMYK colour.

What is full colour printing in Leeds?

Full-colour printing in Glasgow is the so-called 4/4-colour printing. This refers to the abovementioned CMYK pallet, which consists of four colours. The four main colours used in this process help to create a wide range of shades of different intensities, providing vivid colours that give each graphic design its own unique look, allowing it to reach even the most demanding customers.

When printing in full colour in Sheffield, the quality of the equipment and the experience of the people who use it are crucial - without this we would not achieve the satisfying results. At the Skleniarz Printing House, we rely on high quality printers that provide the best quality of printed materials. Our employees have many years of experience and are able to complete almost every project.

Why is it worth deciding to full colour printing in Manchester?

It is obvious that nowadays it is difficult to attract someone's attention with simplicity. Full-colour printing in Edinburgh attracts much more attention than black and white printing especially when it comes to leaflets, advertising brochures or posters.

According to research, a black and white publication attracts human attention for about two-thirds of a second, while colour printing attracts it for two seconds or more. The use of vivid, intense colours is therefore a great way to attract the attention of potential customers, and thus increase sales.

Your flyer or poster will immediately catch the eye of anyone who encounters it, making it easy for you to get the message across. Moreover, full-colour printing in Liverpool does not generate high costs - so it is an investment that almost every entrepreneur can afford.

Full colour printing in Cardiff is an advanced technique that allows you to achieve amazing effects. It is used in a wide variety of publications, from book illustrations to advertising leaflets. It is worth investing in this type of service to become recognizable and visible to potential customers.