To ensure the best quality of our products, the printing house has been equipped with the latest production lines, and at the same time modern printing technologies based on German machines have been implemented that guarantee the highest quality of printing and binding.

On the area of 3800 square meters, newly built halls stood:

  • technologically advanced InSite file verification system
  • two Suprasetter B1 platesetters
  • the ImageControl system has been replaced by the Heidelberg system
  • Five-color B1 Heidelberg XL-105 printing machine
  • B1 two-color printing machine with the SW Heidelberg SM-102 option
  • B2 Heidelberg XL-75 four-color printing machine
  • Heidelberg Cylinder Press machine from 1958 - has been operating flawlessly for almost fifty years
  • three Heidelberg Stahl 78/6 B1 cassette folding machines
  • Heidelberg Stahl KD-66 B2 cassette-knife folding machine
  • thread sewing machines: 2x Aster 180 and Aster 2000
  • Kolbus PK-170 cardboard cutting machine
  • cover assembly line for Kolbus DA-270 composite luminaires
  • Kolbus PE-312 cover stamping machine
  • line for hanging Kolbus BF-512 blocks
  • Kolbus line for the production of glued soft bindings with the option of hot-melt or PUR
  • Müller Martini stitch binding line Valore
  • additionally: cutters, laminators for paper surface treatment, packaging equipment, etc.

Quality control

  • technologically advanced Insite file verification system watches over the correctness of the files sent for assembly.
  • technologically advanced Image Control system watches over the color correctness of the print.
  • we owe the high quality of the final product to the controls performed on an ongoing basis by our specialists


After sending us production files made according to the guidelines, which are included in the attached PDF document, the files will be assembled by our installers and exposed to plates. The correct preparation of a production file is one of the conditions for obtaining high quality printouts. Before printing plates, there is a possibility of making a digital proof, which can be used as a color or ozal sample to check the correctness of assembly.

In our printing house, files in the production cycle are exposed in CtP technology on modern platesetters, which together with the machine park guarantee the highest quality of printing.

The newly introduced CtP system has the potential to significantly increase productivity in the printing house, thanks to which we are able to offer the highest quality materials. Regardless of whether you need a compact design, performance, reliability or ease of use, we set new standards in each of these areas.

Heidelberg Cylinder Press from 1958